Restoring a "Ghost Sign"

This large "billboard" sign, formerly a "ghost sign, is located on the side of what is now the American Legion Post #67 building at 118 W. Green Street in Snow Hill. A ghost sign is a faded sign that has remained on a building for decades but is still visible.

George Marion Dryden conducted his business, G. M. Dryden General Merchandise, in this building from 1891 until he retired on December 31, 1934. It was at this store that the Snow Hill fire of August 1893 originated, burning down most of downtown Snow Hill, including the Worcester County Courthouse.

As a result the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1897. Mr. Dryden was instrumental in making this happen and was a charter member and one of the first elected officers of the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department.

The downtown was rebuilt with brick in the late 1890s and early 1900s and most of those buildings still stand today.

The G.M. Dryden General Merchandise “ghost sign” was restored in November 2022 through a cooperative effort of American Legion Post #67, Downtown Snow Hill Inc, the Worcester County Arts Council, the Town of Snow Hill, and private donors.